Parish of St. BARNABAS (estab. 1959)

The Anglican Church of Canada—Diocese of Montreal
12301 Colin St., Pierrefonds, Quebec H9A 1C3


So you want to be MARRIED @ St. Barnabas?

Congratulations! We rejoice that you have chosen to be married in the church, & share this pivotal moment in your life & relationship in the presence of God & with the support of your family & friends.

We all know the importance of planning & preparation in making this day meaningful & memorable for all. Here are a few things you need to know about weddings at St. Barnabas Church:

  • Please contact the office well in advance of the date you are requesting (i.e. 6 months before, & before finalizing contracts for the wedding reception). Weddings are performed in the Church, & cannot be scheduled during Holy Week, or on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
  • You should both be baptized (although you don’t necessarily have to be Anglicans), & you’ll need to provide copies of your Baptismal certificates for our files.
  • You are encouraged to complete a Marriage Preparation course.
  • We require a copy of the final divorce decree if either of you has been divorced.
  • The Incumbent typically meets with the couple on at least 2 occasions, in addition to the wedding rehearsal: once to complete the necessary documentation; & once to discuss the meaning of the marriage sacrament, & plan the details of the service—including music, decorations in the Church, & special requests for the ceremony.
  • For information about fees (i.e. booking fees, & fees for the clergy, Music Director, & sexton; & bulletin preparation): please contact the church office: call 514-684-4460 or
  • email:
  • For use of St. Barnabas parish Hall for a reception following the service: please contact the Building Rentals Manager at the church office (call 514-684-4460 or email: for information about current rates, regulations, & hall availability.

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