Hand Bell Choir

Parish of St. BARNABAS (estab. 1959)

The Anglican Church of Canada—Diocese of Montreal
12301 Colin St., Pierrefonds, Quebec H9A 1C3

Photo by W. Pingree, taken at the May 2017 Hand Bell Festival in Hamilton, ON

The Bells of St. Barnabas

We are fortunate in hosting at St. Barnabas the only Hand Bell Choir on the West Island, one of only three Bell Choirs in the province. This faithful & skilled group of (about 10) musicians (from teens to seniors) rings at Sunday services once a month , as well as participates with the St. Barnabas Choir on occasions such as the Advent Lessons & Carols service, Easter Sunday, & St. Barnabas Day. This year the Bells also hosted a Christmas Concert, a beautiful occasion which also featured two vocal solos by ringers who are also sublime singers. The Bells regularly attend the bi-annual Hand Bell Festival (held this year at McMaster University, in Hamilton), which includes workshops to improve skills & learn new techniques. Not to mention the opportunity to socialize with ringers from across the country & participate in a concert that involves hundreds of ringers. We are blessed to have the distinctive sound of the Bells to heighten our experience of the heavenly on Sunday mornings at St. Barnabas.

The Parish of St Barnabas © 2021

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